last minute ideas for christmas

It's Black Friday with Cyber Monday just around the corner and if you're like me, life happens and you might find yourself looking for some last minute ideas and deal for gifts for your loved ones. My love language is quality time and I will ALWAYS advocate memories over materials but sometimes, you just want a few things to fill stockings and fit under the Christmas Tree. This is my TOP 5 broken into some of my favorite categories with some of my favorites. Best part, everything is currently on sale for Black Friday! Enjoy!


Airfly Duo - Perfect bluetooth device to sync your AirPods to the headrest screens when you're flying & now you can even sync two at once.

Kindle Fire - We aren't big on screen time for the kids, but this comes in pretty handy for long drives and airplane flights.

Stokke Jet Kids - I don't usually travel with a stroller so this is perfect. My kids ride through the airports without fuss, will volunteer to pull it themselves, and it even converts to a small bed that adjusts to almost any seat height.

Personalized Passport Holder - I would probably gift this with a travel itinerary somewhere because memories over materials.


Ninja Creami - This changes the game completely. We make homemade ice cream at least once a week and we can make it as healthy or as indulgent as we want. The best part, it has a small footprint and is easy to clean.

Tineco S5 Pro 2 - My absolute favorite adulting item. My kids love to 'feed the pups' and will usually leave a mess in their wake after meals so this is a necessity in our home.

Neo Firm Skin Care - My favorite anti-aging product. An dermatologist esthetician recommended this product and I love it.

Bogg Bag - If you live around the beach or frequent the pool often, this is a fun little splurge that comes in handy. (Not on sale for BF)

Leg Massager - When I was pregnant, I used these religiously. Now post part, I still use these religiously.


Tonies & Tonie Box - Think audiobooks, Spotify, and action figures had a baby and that is what this is. My kids love to sing and dance to the figurines and travels pretty easily too.

Sensory Bins - I usually will buy figurines and make 2-3 sensory bins from one pack. I love to incorporate kinetic sand, marbles, fake snow, glow pals, pipe cleaners, and random things I have lying around the house. Kids imaginations will start to run wild around age 3 so one sensory bin can have endless possibilities. (Figures aren't on sale but kinetic sand is!)

Disney on Ice or Broadway Tickets - We've taken our kids to Disney on Ice twice now as well as Disney once. Magic and wonder peaks in children from ages 3 - 8 so we are all about embracing it. While they might not remember this, we will and it will shape their personality. For Broadway, Aladdin is on tour now!

Playroom rock climbing wall or pikler (climbing gym) - Depending on the age(s) of your kid(s) will depend on which. We currently have a four piece pikler and the kids use it daily. Next Christmas, we plan on trading out our pikler for a playroom with a rock climbing wall.

Nugget - such a versatile piece of furniture in our kids playroom. It can be a couch , a castle, even part of an obstacle course. If you can think it, it can be it.

Play Smol Bounce House - Plays big and stores small. We use this at least once a month and it's paid for itself easily between birthdays parties.


Traeger Grill - We have an Ironwood 650 and love it. It's WiFire capable and came in clutch for Thanksgiving Dinner...we cooked our turkey in it!

Engraved Watch - I love the quote, "I wish I met you sooner so I could love you longer."

Ooni Pizza Oven - Family pizza night has never been so fun. This version even travels well and can be used for tailgating...GO DAWGS!

Rogue Power Rack - We have this one and it compacts well. Perfect piece of equipment for our home gym and shares our garage nicely with our golf cart.

Noubelle Dumbell Weights - In my opinion, this is the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.


SD Cards & SD Card Wallet Holder - Photographers can never have enough SD cards

Hard Drive and Hard Drive Holder - This holder adhesives to the back of your laptop so no more banging around your precious hard drive.

Lens (Canon RF 28-70mm f2.0 & 85mm f1.2) - My two personal favorites for portrait photography.

Wacom - I've tried both the iPad & Wacom for editing and the Wacom is AMAZING!

Lululemon Everywhere Bag - I wear it just like a fanny pack haha. Perfect for holder my lens cap, chapstick, and gels if I'm being creative with my lighting for a session. If I'm on location, I'll even stuff my (and sometimes my client's) car keys in it too.